You're in the corner

Join Dr. Camy and Bishop Randall Hunt as they teach the word of God, answer questions, and clear up simple misconceptions that many have about the Bible to this day. With holiday specials and guests joining almost regularly you'll always find something to love about this educational series.


We've got an extremely talented and anointed lineup of guests for you to check out! Including Pastor Guillermo Litada, Pastor Kim Robinson, and Dr. Franklin Hunt.

Celebrating holidays

We celebrate holidays in festive and family friendly ways for the enjoyment of everyone.

we're getting into it

We're having a great time with it ourselves, so come check it out.


"Where can I watch?"

You can check us out on our Youtube channel and Facebook page! We hope you enjoy yourself while joining Bishop Randall and Dr. Camy on this fun, light-hearted, and educational series.

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